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“New Orleans” – Will Matla

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The Will Matla Band plays American blues & rock with a stax feel...

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All songs written and produced by Will Matla (except “Just a little Bit” written by R. Bass, J. Thornston, P. Brown and E. Washington)

Recorded and mixed at the Farmsound Studio, Heelsum, The Netherlands by Wil Hesen and Wilco Matla.

Mastered by Steve Coorea at Sage Audio, Nashville TN, USA

Art-direction & Photography by Wilco Matla


The Will Matla Band, is centered around members of the soul formation Mody Sec, who once collected name and fame with the Top 10 hit-Let the sunshine in from the rock musical Hair. During the years of cooperation with Agency Paul Acket (North Sea Jazz) made furore in the Dutch-Flemish Moody Sec club circuit. During these years a shift in choice of repertoire of soul to American blues and rock.

The Will Matla Band has as its motto never a dull moment. The formation plays American blues & rock with a stax feel. Driven by years of experience, unbridled enthusiasm and professionalism brings them a program for those who love a mix of half forgotten rhythm and blues hits and blues rock and, of course, own work.
The Will Matla Band consists of: Will Ma, lead vocals/guitar (ex Sympathy); Dick Hoppe second vocal/bass guitar (ex Black Albinos); Rob Pajon, blues harp/keyboards (ex Tee-set) and Eric Pronk, drums.


01. Drizzle and Rain 3:29
02. Just a Little Bit 3:00
03. Thinking About You 3:33
04. Ready to Roll 3:23
05. Bhatvatu Sabba Mangalam (based on buddhist verses of blessing) 4:21
06. New Orleans 4:26
07. Baby Lee 3:58
08. Bad Girl 3:11
09. Solitude 3:55
10. Rock & Roll Heart 4:21


Fragment van track 5 “Bhavatu Sabba Mangalam”





Will Matla: Lead Vocals, Electric & Acoustic Guitars
Erik Pronk: Drums
Dick Hoppe: Electric Bass
Rob Plazier: Electric Piano & Hammonds

On track 01 “Drizzle and Rain” Anja Brands: Violin
Sancho Lieuw On: Precussion
On track 02 “Just a Little Bit” Boris van der Lek: Tenor Saxophone
Aad Rensink: Electric Rhythm Guitar
On track 04 “Ready to Roll” Boris van der Lek: Tenor Saxophone
On track 05 “Bhatvatu Sabba Mangalam” Wies Rademakers: Choir
Tenny Matla: Choir
Sancho Lieuw On: Precussion
On track 06 “New Orleans” Alex Buurman: Electric Piano & Organ
Sancho Lieuw On: Precussion
Sander Kaatee: Additional Guitar
On track 07 “Baby Lee” Alex Buurman: Organ
Boris van der Lek: Tenor Saxophone
Aad Rensink: Electric Guitar
On track 08 “Bad Girl” Will Matla: Accordeon
Aad Rensink: Electric Guitar
Anja Brands: Violin
Rob Plazier: Blues Harp
On track 09 “Solitude” Harm van der Sleen: Pedal Steel Guitar
Will Matla: Accordeon
Sancho Lieuw On: Precussion
On track 10 “Rock & Roll Heart” Aad Rensink: Electric Rhythm Guitar
Anja Brands: Violin
Kid van Ettinger: Acoustic Guitar
Sancho Lieuw On: Precussion

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